Hi! I'm Olivia.

Nice to meet you. 

I'm Olivia. I'm a vegan foodie, an animal lover, and a big fan of my hunk of a husband, Barry. Together we are proud parents of our most adorable rescue bunnies, Humphrey and Roo, whom we love with all of our hearts.

(Fun fact: It’s because of my love of animals that I use all cruelty free makeup!)

(Fun fact: It’s because of my love of animals that I use all cruelty free makeup!)

I'm a creative soul; my parents say I always fell asleep with ink marks on my left hand from drawing before bed. I've loved watercolor painting ever since I first found a paintbrush, but it wasn't until I started painting my face with makeup that I discovered my true passion. 

I have two prevailing accomplishments in my life, and I know what you're thinking. Yes, you're right, it's that I've achieved VIB Rouge status at Sephora and Platinum Membership at Ulta Beauty. I'd like to thank my parents and my husband for helping me (tolerating me) in this great achievement.

Though I've been obsessed with makeup since I was a pre-teen, I didn't start applying it professionally until 2014. Since then, working with my freelance business and being the lead makeup artist at Eclectic Beauty Hair Salon in Carmel, Indiana, I've applied makeup for over 400 weddings and events!

My philosophy is this: every woman should feel beautiful, always. 

I got hitched in May of 2017, and my older sister was married a month after me. In fact, my younger sister also tied the knot shortly after. All of that to say, since I've had three personal wedding experiences WITHIN 11 MONTHS, I know how difficult it is to avoid stress on your wedding day. That's why I work hard to provide a stress-free experience, to maintain top expertise in my field, and to keep my prices reasonable. 

I understand that whether its your wedding day, prom, or a random photoshoot, you should feel confident looking at your pictures and say, "YAS GIRL, I look goooood!" I don't just want to be your makeup artist; I want to give you the confidence you truly deserve. 

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